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Asbestos Inspection Process

Asbestos inspections are done to provide the client with a better picture of the materials physical condition that might not be so apparent. Asbestos is the fibrous form of mineral silicates found freely in the nature. However, the diseases related to prolonged exposure to asbestos are lethal. Since there is no commitment from any medical body on the safe level of exposure, it becomes important to get asbestos inspection done for every household and commercial property.

First the inspecting officer conducts a visual inspection of the premise and its systems. A typical home takes about 2-3 hours, however for commercial property, the time varies. When an interested party approaches a company licensed to hold an inspection, the latter often gets a pre-inspection agreement drawn and signed by the party or the client, followed by a payment. The inspecting officer then briefs the client about the process of inspection and starts with the inspection. The client may choose to accompany the inspecting officer around the premise. The inspector must virtually inspect the foundation, and heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems. Inspection also includes checking of plumbing and electrical systems, garage, bathrooms, kitchen, interiors and a few relevant appliances as well.

An inspection is conducted to check the current state of such materials and to make sure that they aren’t harmful. Materials that are in a good state do not release fibers and are not a subject of concern. However, if the material shows visible sings of deterioration, wear and tear such as tearing or abrasions, they should be repaired or removed by a professional. Sometimes the inspector may recommend the removal of asbestos material for ensuring safety even if it is been exposed to rubbing or vibration of air flow.

People generally get their premises inspected in two scenarios: pre-sale or pre purchase. Due to the increased awareness about asbestos and related hazards, more and more people are opting for houses that are asbestos inspected. Hence an asbestos inspection comes handy while purchasing or selling a house, both.

The entire process of asbestos inspection can be broken down into a number if steps. The inspector makes notes and prepares detailed documents describing the commercial or household property. Once the documents are done, he attests of the presence, absence and the condition of the asbestos material if any. Sometimes, he may even take a sample to the laboratory for confirming the nature of the material found. Moreover, he evaluates the physical state of the confirmed materials and grades them as per the norms laid down for the same. After all this is done, he makes a formal report for the inspection conducted.

Post inspection activity includes the following

  1. Operations and Maintenance
  2. Repair of the material if required.
  3. Encapsulation
  4. Enclosure
  5. Removal

Finally the inspector provides for a written statement, which entails the following mandates

  1. A verification of the inspection of the building as per norms of the AHERA (Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act).
  2. Date of inspection
  3. Signature of the inspector and management planner.

If asbestos is found, the statement must include the location of the hazardous area, recommended actions for response and a verification of completion of response actions.

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